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Professional House Cleaning Services

Most modern leases include cleaning clauses that make it obligatory you leave your rented premises properly cleaned. Failure to do so normally results in penalties attached to the deposit you paid as a condition of the lease. The landlord is entitled to deduct cleaning costs from the deposit if the premises are not cleaned properly.

Whether you’re about to move ot of your office premises, or out of your family home, you’ll need every single room to be cleaned properly. Moving is a huge undertaking, leaving you with no time for supervised cleaning. That you are pressed for time, isn’t an excuse for hasty housekeeping.

Making use of our professional relocation cleaning services will ensure that everything is spick-and-span, leaving you with time to deal with everything else that moving entails.

The Cleaning Solution will provide you with pre- or post-moving house cleaning services.

We clean the following:

Relocation  - Corporate, homes

  • Carpets
  • Tiles
  • Bathroom
  • Deep cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Windows