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The systematic cleaning of commercial buildings begins outside where the pavements, car parks and basements leading into the building are swept on an regular basis. This helps in minimizing the amount of dirt and dust being tracked into the building. 

We clean public areas in a specific order to ensure the best results.

The Building Entrances & Lobby

First impressions are vitally important to the client and therefore to the business! The windows and doors leading into the building are cleaned using height appropriate equipment and materials.

Reception and Office Areas

All surfaces are dusted and wiped down. All equipment on desks is wiped down with a specialised chemical. We empty and remove waste from dustbins. These dustbins are then cleaned with chemical to disinfect and kill germs. All walls, glass and metal work will be wiped down. We vacuum all floors.

Lift Lobby Areas

The Cleaning Solution staff will wipe all walls and mirrors, Vacuum the floor and polish any woodwork.

Lifts and Fire Escapes

Wipe all handrails. Mop the floor. An in-depth clean as described above can be done in the stairwells if required. Wipe any stains and / or dirt on walls.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and toilets are cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis.

All the above tasks are performed by skilled Cleaning Solution staff members and double checked by a supervisor to ensure that quality is maintained and the best cleaning service provided.

Green Cleaning Initiative

Minimising Environmental Impact & Pollution

We use green-certified and environmentally friendly cleaning materials whenever possible to prevent pollution and environmental impact.

Driving Efficiency & Reducing Wastage

We reduce water usage and disposable cleaning waste.

We Recycle

We support our clients by recycling as far as possible.